Thursday, 21 September 2017

I Just Learned Nelson Rockefeller Died 1979

Why is this important?

Well, he was the guy who was responsible for Twin Towers, as Governor of New York State to very late in 1973. I had thought, on top of this, he had died in 2000, one year before 9-11. I had also said so, back when debating on Rockefeller in connection with trutherism in the Chomsky group.

No one there seems to have minded my being wrong by so much, it is only today that someone else (far more connected to truthers than to Chomsky) is telling me Nelson Rockefeller died in 1979. I checked, it seems to have been so, and I thanked him.

But back when I was on the Chomsky group, for some reason no one seems to have bothered contradicting me on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Btw, I was on the Chomsky group because I am a linguist. I think Chomsky has been proven wrong on Creoles, they are not innate grammar, they are, as to Atlantic ones, a West African one. Portuguese with West African grammar, Dutch, English and French with a West African grammar. Then, I am interested in how he would apply tree diagrams to Latin too.

Anyway, I got no tree diagrams on Latin, I got no discussion of The Missing Spanish Creoles, by John McWhorter, AND, when discussing truthers, I was not corrected on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Here is a link to this part of the discussion:

HGL'S F.B. WRITINGS : Debating Mainly on Trutherism, part II, in which I point finger at John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller (not forgetting Percy Sutton)

It involves, from today, a correction on this matter.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris X
St Matthew Apostle*

* In Aethiopia natalis sancti Matthaei, Apostoli et Evangelistae; qui, in ea regione praedicans, martyrium passus est. Hujus Evangelium, Hebraeo sermone conscriptum, ipso Matthaeo revelante, inventum est, una cum corpore beati Barnabae Apostoli, tempore Zenonis Imperatoris.

PS, checked, it seems I would have simply confused his lifetime with that of his eldest son Rodman Clark Rockefeller, died May 2000, one brother presumed dead since earlier and two brothers still alive. And if I didn't react, well, a governor of New York state in 1973 who makes that blunder could as well be 41 years old as the really 65 years he actually had. From January 1:st 1971 to December 31:st 1973 (a few days after Nelson left office), if wikipedian list is trustworthy, 4204 people had died in 47 plane crashes, and Aeroflot was only responsible for 16 of them, unless I missed a ? in the counting together of these. Here is the table:

65 0000 060 05 1971-03-31
78 0000 130 13 1971-05-23
50 0000 180 13 1971-06-06
68 0000 240 21 1971-07-03
97 0000 330 28 1971-07-25 V
162 0100 390 30 1971-07-30
111 0200 400 311971-09-04
63 0200 460 34 1971-10-02
50 0200 510 34 1971-11-09 X
69 0200 570 43 1971-11-10
52 0200 620 45 1971-11-12
57 0200 670 52 1971-12-01
91 0200 760 53 1971-12-24
reset 0900 110 03
reset 1000 010 03
104 1100 010 07 1972-01-07 XV
112 1200 020 09 1972-03-14
115 1300 030 14 1972-05-05
122 1400 050 16 1972-05-18
86 1400 130 22 1972-06-14
81 1400 210 23 1972-06-15 XX
118 1500 220 31 1972-06-18
156 1600 270 37 1972-08-14
101 1700 270 38 1972-08-31
109 1800 270 47 1972-10-01
reset 2000 070 47
reset 2000 110 07
reset 2100 010 07
174 2200 080 11 1972-10-13 XXV
60 2200 140 11 1972-10-27
61 2200 200 12 1972-11-28
155 2300 250 17 1972-12-03
101 2400 250 18 1972-12-29
176 2500 320 24 1973-01-22 XXX
66 2500 380 30 1973-02-19
108 2600 380 38 1973-02-21
79 2600 450 47 1973-02-24
reset 3000 090 07
68 3000 150 15 1973-03-05
58 3000 200 23 1973-03-19 XXXV
108 3100 200 41 1973-04-10
63 3100 260 44 1973-05-11
82 3100 340 46 1973-05-19
123 3200 360 49 1973-07-11
reset 3500 060 49
reset 3600 000 09
78 3600 070 17 1973-07-22 XL
88 3600 150 25 1973-07-31
86 3600 230 31 1973-08-13
56 3600 280 37 1973-08-18
108 3700 280 45 1973-09-30
122 3800 300 47 1973-10-13 XLV
51 3800 350 48 1973-12-16 XLVI
106 3800 350 54 1973-12-22 XLVII
sum 3800 404
sum 4204

And here is the wikipedian table:

Note that all air crashes involving fatalities fewer than 50, so 1 to 49, are left out here. So, what made Nelson Rockefeller so sure no plane would crash into Twin Towers? Good ethics in pilots? Hijacking had been going on since 1930's. Including a 40 day long Palestinian one, in 1968. Suicide attacks was no novelty either. Suicide attacks by plane had been done by the Japanese, during the war./HGL

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sheriff Knezovitch blamed "Glorifying Violence"

You can hear or read his comments here:

After School Shooting, Sheriff Gives Second Amendment Defense that Would Make Founding Fathers Proud
Breaking News 365 | Ajoutée le / added 17 sept. 2017

I found this:

Horrifying moment a student, 15, pulls out his gun in the middle of an American school in Mexico, shoots a teacher and two students and then kills himself

The shooter, named as Federico Guevara by Nuevo Leon state governor Jaime Rodriguez, then killed himself.

He had been treated for depression, and his motive is being investigated, said Rodriguez.

Uh, wait, perhaps "treatment for depression" would have sth to do with it? There have been cases other than this when Antidepressants have triggered grave violence! Or what do you say, CCHR?

I'll send the question over here:

And yes, the two school shootings are not the same, Mexico has no County Spokane, but I will send this to both places.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Joseph Cupertino

PS, perhaps the two fifteen year olds being caught in school situations that they hated could have sth to do with it too./HGL

PPS, contacted Spokane via emails, including to Sheriff, and Mexico and CCHR via FB./HGL

Sunday, 17 September 2017

And in Case Someone Wd Call Mark Shea a Dhimmi : Look Here


From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God
Paperback – August 4, 2017
by Derya Little (Author)

Yes, this is not Mark Shea, it is Derya Little. So what has she to do with Mark Shea? Here, back on his blog:

I Interviewed Derya Little, Author of From Islam to Christ

God Bless!/HGL

PS, hearing her question "why couldn't God use evolution" is a bit like "why couldn't God just forgive, without sacrifice?" - the answer to both is : God is good, God is holy, He doesn't put us in too bad positions either morally nor theoretically.

See more thereon:

Creation vs. Evolution : Scenario impossible

And if you happen to think this is not Catholic, if you consider it kind of "Talmudic" to be Creationist, look here:

Creation vs. Evolution : I have been Asked if Kent Hovind didn't have Talmudic Positions?

In which, I quote the Magisterium of Pope St Pius X./HGL

Saturday, 16 September 2017

I do Differ from the Alt Right on Issues

I am not sure if you know of a cuss word among them for certain other non-leftists, "cuckservatives". I am not using it, and for a reason.

Here is Mark Shea on the matter:


Someone left the Church - or the Novus Ordo Sect - due to its stance on immigration.

Note, supporting mass immigration may be wrong for other reasons, but not for these two, the ones I put in bold, quoting what Mark Shea quoted himself, before answering it:

Today, however, Catholic leaders act like cuckolds and support the invasions of their own lands. You see this ranging from Pope Francis all the way to Cardinal Dolan, who openly supports the Third World invasion of the USA.

This is not a healthy church. It is a war upon Western Civilization, and I cannot be a part of it. The Catholic Church today is an enemy of Western Civilization.

Reason 1, "cuckolds" : if an immigrant marries a previously unwed maid or woman of our lands, either both baptised or neither baptised, that is not any one actually suffering cuckoldry, per se.

It does probably happen that Muslim men do think this or that Western man is a loser and his wife needs someone better, and they are sometimes in a position to call him and treat him as a loser. The problem in such a case is not so much in their geographical position as in their social one, and even more, in how much more social position has come to mean than marriage.

It is marriage we must defend, not whiteness, if we do not want to suffer cuckoldry.

It could come to immigrants being too much against a defense of Christian marriage, too much for women divorcing "losers" and remarrying, but the mere fact of an immigrant being here is not cuckoldry, and the fact of an immigrant marrying here, including a Western woman, according to both being or lacking Baptism, is also not cuckoldry. A Persian cultural Muslim of atheist convictions marries a woman raised atheist and never baptised, she is not committing adultery, and a Congolese Catholic coming here marrying a Catholic, she is not committing adultery because he is Congolese. Learn what words mean!

Calling that "cuckoldry" is like saying that all white women in general are married to all white men in general, even before marriage. Ku Klux Klan seems to have historically supported that kind of thing, but it was founded by an anti-Christian mystagogue named Albert Pike, among others. It is Plato at his worst (i e book VI of The State / The Republic). If even that.

Reason 2, "third world" vs "Western Civilisation" : the Third World is part of Western Civilisation.

The Muslim world is not part if Western Civilisation. The Confucian and Shinto and Buddhist world is not part of it, neither is the Hindoo world : because they are not parts of Christendom, because their tradition is not Christian.

In the West, Christianity has a worse enemy than immigrant Confucians or Muslims, even if these on occasion do support this enemy : Marxist Socialism. But note, if Alt Right takes on too much of the tone of Ku Klux, there may come a day when Alt Right too is an enemy.

And Mark Shea replied on the same lines, urging the man to return to the Faith of Charles Martel.

Shall we check with history of the Christendom of Charles Martel did on occasion accept immigrants?

Sagen aus Österreich : Der Purbacher Türke

Now, this was Burgendland, an area with some Calvinistic influence, which was up to World War I not Archduchy of Austria, or (except some decades) Empire of Austria, but Kingdom of Hungary. In a more purely Catholic area of Austria, he might even been free and married, that Turk, once he had been baptised.

And of course, we have the cases of Fraxinet:

Here, the Moors actually had an enclave, up to the provocation of detaining Saint Majolus of Cluny. Next year, Moors were down in the Var, battle of Tourtour liberated the area. But the problem was not that the Moors were living in France. The problem is they tried to play lords here. That they had committed acts of piracy before this deed and now cronwed them by a sacrilege.

I don't know if the man cited above really ceaed to be Catholic totally, or if he profited from too much tolerance of Ku Klux positions in his non-Vatican II surroundings, at least more tolerance than he would have had from me, especially on as great an occasion as getting out of Novus Ordo, had I been a priest receiving him to a parish resisting Novus Ordo (SSPX, Sede Vacante or - as my allegiance - under Pope Michael).

I am not sure Mark Shea made the difference. I sometimes suspected he may be considering me as a National Socialist, which I am not. His words to the Alt Righter deserve some quoting:

You are an Alt Right racist, not a conservative. And you are a heretic at war with Jesus Christ in grave danger of the everlasting fires of hell in your infatuation with white supremacist worship of power. You asked no question because you are a liar.

If you do not return to the Faith, the faith of Charles Martel, you stand in grave danger of burning for all eternity in hell.

Race worship has been done before. Holy Church condemns it as she always has. Christ alone, not your blood or soil or DNA, can save you.

Repent or you shall be damned.

Manly enough for you?

Well, I am not sure he is not committing hasty judgement. Invasion is on certain occasions a somewhat apt word for how certain immigrants have behaved. And some of them have also behaved so ill, that even cuckold is not totally off, namely by gang rapes, for those supporting these guys stay here after prison. And some seem to have been eager to decide who is a "loser" - in my own case this has not meant a divorce, but not getting married : BUT the immigrants who have been involved in that (and I think some have, considering I drink beer with my supper, when I can afford it and considering I have compared Moahmmed to Joseph Smith and supported the French taking of Algers in 1830) could have done nothing without ample backing or even abetting from non-immigrant Socialists and side help from some Conservatives who are Catholics, except a bit too fond of the Alt Right.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Cergy L'Astrolabe
St Edith

Friday, 15 September 2017

Bonum Festum Septem Dolorum

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Today we Celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows

There is a prayer to the Seven Sorrows, appropriate today.

There is also a prayer to the Seven Joys, and searching for it, I found a manual of Franciscan Tertiaries. It also included a martyrology of Franciscan Tertiaries or perhaps also Franciscans of First and Second orders. From it, I found this:

This reminds me also of a man who gave me instructions on liturgy, devotions and other things useful for a Catholic, along with some rants about how he missed his wife (he was a widower all the years I knew him, up to dying in 1992). He had made a pilgrimage to Assisi, and written about it, and also been a boy scout leader : he always (when weather permitted - which included rough weather in his opinion) were scout uniform.

He was also an artists and a graphology fan (his brother had been a graphologist).

Would you mind praying for the repose of Karl Einar Michael Kedja?/HGL

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bonum Festum Exaltationis Sanctae Crucis

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Exaltatio sanctae Crucis, quando Heraclius Imperator, Chosroa Rege devicto, eam de Perside Hierosolymam reportavit.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Thirtieth Anniversary for His Holiness Pope Michael

This mail came today, Nativity of Our Lady, 2017, at 4:44 PM:

Thirty years ago on the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1987 I received a letter, which changed my life.

“If anyone assert that it is not the institution of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or of Divine right, that St. Peter has PERPETUAL successors in the office of Supreme Pastor over the Universal Church; let him be anathema.” When I read this from the only Vatican Council, I immediately realized three things:

  • A papal election was possible.

  • The ecclesiastical law limiting a papal election to Cardinals must step aside in favor of this doctrine (quoted above).

  • It was my duty to do all in my power to bring about such an election.

    Through this letter, God revealed His will to me. God speaks to us in many ways.

And the rest is history. For almost three years I contacted people world wide in order to encourage them to participate in electing a Pope. And an election was accomplished on July 16, 1990. True, I was elected that day, but my life changed when I realized what must be done.

I have made a video on this as well.

The video and three more:

Thirtieth Anniversary
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 8 sept. 2017

What If There Was Another Papal Election The Same Time As Yours?
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 4 sept. 2017

How Should We Act In A Time Of Confusion
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 25 août 2017

The Coming Persecution
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 11 août 2017

Bonum Festum Nativitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis

lectoribus Christifidelinus exopto./HGL

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Il semble qu'il y a eu une confusion entre deux sites suédois (maintenant était et reste (avec nouvelle adresse) une communauté pour des styles vestimentaires et musicaux alternatifs, genre, synth, goths, métallique, surtout des gens entre 16 et 40. est pour les fétischistes et bdsm.

Pas mal sur étaient aussi sur darkside. Moi, non. Et quand je dis "pas mal", je parle de quelques notables et leurs associés./HGL