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But is "Francis" correct on Athenian Paedophilia?

This link again.

Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control
November 28, 2016

While I agree Athens was totalitarian, I wonder where he got this from:

The proper translation of « ago:ge: » is « initiation » in a very physical sexual sense : «pushing, goading into ». You as a grown child and then as a teen-ager, for about 7-8 years in total, were entrusted to a state-appointed mentor who submitted you to anal coitus twice daily while you had to remain stoical.

The same mentor was also responsible for your military education, consisting in gymnastics and various other forms of training.

The aim of that sexual initiation was not to open you to newer and more delicate forms of pleasure and rapture, quite the contrary. The aim was to destroy your individual personality, and replace it by the state's mould as personified by the mentor's. If you slept with anybody else before finishing your cursus, you were eliminated for good from citizenship; you had failed your test.

Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship. But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA.

In the discussions I have seen in Classical Sources, indeed there was an encouragement to an emotional, quasi erotic, bond between mentor and the one to be "educated".

However, it was also written in books from there and then (I think Aristotle's Politics, there being a part where diverse attitudes to sodomy are compared*) that In Athens while paederastic sodomy was looked down on, it was tolerated.

In other words, horrid as such an exception is, it was supposed to be an exception, not the rule.

On Crete, it was a capital offense. In Sparta it was standard between male soldiers. In Corinth it was used freely - but in Athens, it was looked down on.

I think that "Francis" would have perhaps accessed, while being into White Voodoo, some misleading information about Ancient Athens, and not have discovered it when turning away from it.

Those networks would have a double interest in giving their adepts such misinformation:

  • 1) to give their own practises some shelter behind an admired concept, in this case Athenian Democracy;
  • 2) to keep their members "disillusioned" about everyone and everything outside themselves.

Anyway, I think he was wrong about Athens and even more so about Rome.

The brainwashing which did exist was not a deadening of feelings : it was a canalisation of feelings into certain set concepts, a bit like modern education channels both indignation and commiseration into the general framework of Shoah or Holocaustianity.

While the former White Voodoo adept has privileged information on White Voodoo, let's not credit him with privileged information on Greek Classics.

There is a simple question to ask : where did he get his info from?

In the case of White Voodoo, the answer is : his past, his former masters in that black art. People who actually had White Voodoo as an ongoing concern.

In the case of Athenian Democracy, the answer is ...

  • ... we know Athenian Democracy was based on mindnumbing mind control because Francis lived in it and reported on it? No ...
  • ... we know Athenian Democracy was based on mindnumbing mind control because the Ancient Sources say so? Not directly at least, and I would like to know who argues they did so indirectly ...
  • ... because "Francis" (or sn else) learned it in the network he was or is in? That network accessed Athenian Democracy when and how?

Supposing he had some initiation claiming to know Athenian Democracy because the Illuminates of Bavaria claimed to be an open refounding of mysteries of Eleusis, which had been going on behind the scenes in the meantime, how do we know the claim is not bogus?

While I have the utmost respect for any community's claim to know how it was founded at the moment it started to exist openly (like US can be trusted to know the Declaration of Independence was in 1776 and signed by inter alios George Washington, or like Rome had been existing since 753 BC and founded by Romulus who was deified), I have very little respect for anything like "Anderson's Lodge of 1717 claimed to continue a society in which King Solomon was in initiate".

Or, possibly the network from which he has it is his present network, the one to which Henry Makow also belongs.

Just so, if child sacrifice was practised by Phoenicians who lived in Athens, I think, first of all, they were Phoenicians, not Jews, second, they were doing it in Tyre or in Carthage, not on Athenian territory.

While Bohemian Grove uses owl symbolism in what looks like child sacrifice (according to people who went in and filmed it, where we get it from is important), this does not prove Athenians honoured the owl-goddess Athena in the precise same way.

I was just looking at a "meme" purportedly by OccupyDemocrats.

It compared Trump to Hitler by reminding how Hitler built the Berlin wall ... he did not, it was built later. By the Communist Honnegger.

Two of my conservative friends were sharing how one man bashed them for the mistake. However, when I went to the post of that man, two or three persons asked for proof this was really from OccupyDemocrats. They got taunts in reply from another man, and nothing from the man who posted the meme.

I went to their own page, and went through their own publications back to Fenruary 21 (the man had posted his remark on February 25th).

Nothing there that little back. Perhaps further back? Could he not have said so?

And if it should so have happened OccupyDemocrats made such an illinformed meme, could they not have deleted the post?

If so, could the man who pointed out their mistake (if really theirs, as said) not have said "I found it on their site, but now they took it down, they aren't that stupid?"

Or, if they did make the remark earlier than February 21, and did not yet take it down, how about showing the link where he got it?

Before doing the check-up, I was remarking that the OccupyDemocrats (for the moment I was under the spontaneous impression the meme was theirs, it had their logo correctly formed and placed**) had made two Conservative friends of mine reflect on the fact that that Communists also had built a wall.

Now, like some guys really took this meme (so far not a proven fact to me) as coming from OccupyDemocrats, some guys are ready to take the link about Athens I posted a few days ago as coming from someone who knows what he is talking about, when it comes to Athenian Democracy.

But Athens was totalitarian in education in another way : every citizen had to go through the same curriculum. Unlike Rome, where even if a standard curriculum existed, it was at least formally a choice the parents (of free citizens) were making.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

* It is 24 years since I studied Greek and even longer since I last opened Aristotle's Politics. I read it in Penguin Classics even before learning Greek so as even to start reading Aristotle and even Plato (who is at least supposed to be easier). ** Which would not be too difficult to fake.

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Index XV ENG : Immaculate Conception 2016 to Candlemass 2017

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Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Domini · Natum videte regem angelorum · Bonum Festum Sanctorum Innocentium · Bonum Festum Epiphanie Domini · De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete.


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Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Domini · Natum videte regem angelorum · Bonum Festum Sanctorum Innocentium · Bonum Festum Epiphanie Domini · De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete.


Prière de Sainte Thérèse

Vignoble Caritas

Si le fantasy est prophétique, parfois?

Les élèves français étaient arriérés en maths, selon le classement PISA? Un peu d'inspiration pour les études de maths, alors!

Il semble que certains voudraient présumer sur le passé que j'ai eu en psychiatrie

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Pas dupe de "Pape François" (Lien)

Par politique Poutine paraît fort

À un très gentil Musulman : pourquoi la V-ème sourate n'est pas de Dieu, le Coran non plus

Si j'avais porté un ruban noir, je l'aurais ôté aujourd'hui et repris demain

Marche pour la vie (Paris, lien)

"Si on part de Dieu a créé l'homme, on peut motiver toutes les inégalités."

Signez contre Castellucci, s'il vous plaît!

Friday, 24 February 2017

One Link on the Real Religion

The Day the Host Dropped
On Communion in the Hand
by John Vennari

In one of the three links, the then American Consul to Russia Speaks on Beyliss Case

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order


The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can't pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations. Warning:

This is gruesome.

Links to:

Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control
Athens, supposedly the cradle of Democracy, was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in An . . .


I disagree when Jews as opposed to Phoenicians are singled out as the initiators of these evils in Athens.

If King Solomon participated, that was after marrying some non-Jewish wives.

I also think Judah was fairly free from them (have not read the relevant portion of Jeremiah, though).*

And first link also links to:

Jewish Occult Murders How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children
as Part of Their Religion
Rev. Dr. (of law) Matt Hale
Copyright 2002

Commenting : I disagree on the reasons for diverging dates between Russia and US being unknown. Russia as an Orthodox country had simply not accepted the Papal calendar reform. This is known and not unknown.

But Matt Hale has said so just before citing the report of the U. S. Ambassador to Russia, for 1911.

When hearing that a stepfather of mine was Jewish, a friend of the family said "Jesus, Maria, hilf!"

I can only agree.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Mathias, Apostle

* I recalled that there was of course Athalia, in Juda, and asked whether Jeremiah was contemporary:

In Noord Israël werd Athalia’s broer verwikkeld in een oorlog met de Arameeërs en op advies van zijn raadsheren sloot Achazja zich bij hem aan. Joram werd gewond en toen hij Achazja, zijn oom, bezocht bleek dat Jehu zich van de macht had meester gemaakt. Hij doodde Joram en na een spannende achtervolging werd ook Achazja (immers ook een Baäldienaar) door Jehu gedood. “In zijn ijver voor de Here” doodde hij al de Baälpriesters. De Baäldienst bleek zo diep geworteld te zijn, ook in Juda, dat hij onuitroeibaar was. Nog vlak vóór de ballingschap kwam ze voor onder Manasse (2 Kon 21: 3) en Achaz (2 Kron 28: 2) en hebben Jeremia, Hosea en Sefanja daartegen geageerd.

Van : Athalia, de vrouw van Joram op Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel October 14, 2006 in Personen by admin

So, no, I was wrong. Juda was not totally free from it either./HGL

On Hollywood Actors and Such Losing Favour with Hollywood

  • Hollywood won't cast Elisha Cuthbert any more, two of her films flopped.

  • Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner any more, Twilight hype died.

  • Hollywood won't cast Tom Welling any more, he was too busy with Smallville. He missed out on acting beside the TV series.

  • Hollywood won't cast Ashley Greene, the film which was supposed to kickstart her carreer didn't give all of the budget back.

  • Hollywood won't cast Reed any more, because she has sth other to do, apparently.

The last reason seems fairly legitimate. But the rest of the reasons for the rest of the actors, that is a kind of judgemental and shall we say superstitious attitude one could well do without in work, including media work, outside Hollywood. And perhaps inside Hollywood too.

A film which flops at box office can give returns later on video. Even if it didn't give all the budget back.

An actor with little experience can have roles that are simple enough. There is a story by Chesterton about a theatre company and an actress who is upset because she doesn't get the right role. An outsider can't understand that, he thinks she got the most attractive one - er no, says Father Brown, she got a role which was an insult to her capacity as an actress!

And if Twilight hype has died (perhaps a very good thing per se), the people who were involved might at last be forgiven that and allowed to do sth better!

Credits to the site Nikki Swift for several stories I browsed. Not sure some might not have been from Zergnet, too.

More credits, after above, to Atlas Obscura article here:

Keeping the Art of Knot Tying Alive
A guild of knotters won't let this historic craft die.
by Eric Grundhauser February 23, 2017

It set me zapping between the articles, but it is a good story in itself.

Some members of the Guild prefer to focus on the related craft of rope-making, which in and of itself is a very particular art. Byfleet told us that he knows of Guild members whose focus is on church bell ropes, which need to be made in such a way that they stretch when pulled, making the sound of the bell less harsh and more musical.

Sam Gamgee would second that. So would his author John Ronald, I suppose!

But back to the actors. If Hollywood won't hire them, they can band together to make a cinema in some other studio and be off Hollywood managers. If they like. And if nobody stops them.

And a discredit to Grammarly which has been installed in Nanterre University Library. "Might at last" is underlined red to get me writing "might, at last," even while I am using "at last" more as an adverb to might than as an interrupter, "knotters" and "roles" are underlined with suggestions I might mean "knitters" and "rules", no, as human readers of this post can imagine, and especially "knotters" was a word I had not even chosen myself, had it been a misspelling. But one more thing. I was in Sweden taught British spelling, and Grammarly being an American spellcheck, it ticks off British spellings as faulty. It underlined "theatre" with the suggestion "theater". To me "teater" is Swedish, "Theater" is German. And "theater" would be my respelling of Swedish as per my personal rule of respecting loan giving languages more than Swedish standard spelling. The "th" goes back to Greek θ. If I want English, it is, as I learned it in school, theatre. And the thing can't be turned off either. It just even misanalysed part of my quote. Bell belongs to "sound of the bell" and less to "less harsh". Nevertheless, a non-extant phrase "bell less" was underlined suggesting "bell-less". Churches fortunately aren't exactly that, they have not recently gone through the brutal Reformation of Gustav Wasa!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Matthias, Apostle

PS, Hollywood sth to go with Judaism? See here:

According to Shahak, classical Judaism is inspired by the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato's Laws 942. Judaism adopted the objectives Plato described in the following passage. (Shahak, p.13)

The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that no one should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war, he must always live with his eyes on his superior officer...In a word, we must train the mind to not even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it.

Shahak says the words "rabbi" and "officer" are interchangeable. In Communism, the sons of rabbis built a new worldly religion that mirrored the fanaticism and oppression of classical Judaism.

Communism & NWO are Based on Judaism

One of my worst misgivings about Pope Michael is that some of his supporters seem to mimick the pattern./HGL

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Münchhausen par procuration - rare?

La Croix avait hier un article sur la section Télé-radio, pour le programme "Ma mère, mon poison", et l'article s'appelait Se libérer des liens toxiques.

Dedans est dit:

Delphine, elle tente encore de comprendre l'emprise qu'avait sur elle sa mère, atteinte du "syndrome de Münchhausen par procuration". Cette névrose terrifiante, heureusement rare, conduit un parent à rendre malade son enfant pour susciter la compassion de son entourage.

Ou, plus banalement, c'est "Le Malade Imaginaire", sauf que c'est pas chez soi-même, c'est chez un dépendant, que "le souffrant" imagine une maladie qui n'existe pas.

C'est possible que ceci soit, heureusement, rare à propos des maladies physiques imaginées.

C'est par contre très fréquent à propos des maladies mentaux imaginées. Très malheureusement.

Et pas que chez des parents, c'est rentable pour la psychiatrie que son personnel soit atteint par ce syndrome.

Non, je ne prétend pas que la psychiatrie soit payé par cas, mais quand les malades mentaux de surplus ne sont pas marginaux par rapport aux fous génuines, c'est une raison d'emploi dans la psychiatrie.

Chez des métiers quasi "idéologiques" c'est aussi une tactique pour la clique dirigeante de rester en pouvoir, en tamponnant des adversaires dans les idées comme des fous.

Et je souligne, imaginer avec obstination que quelqu'un d'autre soit malade, ça peut arriver pas juste chez un parent ou deux par rapport à un enfant, mais aussi chez chaque figure d'autorité par rapport à ses dépendants. Dans les deux cas, on peut se sentir généreux et compréhensif en voulant susciter de la compassion pour quelqu'un d'autre.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Chaîre de St Pierre à Antioque

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Un sur cinq

Je cherchais celui-ci:

Notre chance de vivre

En France, on pratique chaque année 220 000 avortements pour environ 800 000 naissances. 1 conception d’enfant sur 5 se termine donc par une IVG. Nous sommes 17 millions de personnes nées depuis 1975 à être statistiquement des rescapés de l’IVG, puisque nous avions 1 chance sur 5 de ne pas vivre.

Pour certains d’entre nous, c’est moins drôle puisque nos frères ou nos sœurs ont été avortés avant ou après nous.

Mais avant de le trouver, je suis tombé sur celui-ci:

Un jeune sur cinq ! Génération pauvreté ?

Certes, c'est Belgique, pas France, et c'est de 2012 pas de 2016, contrairement à ce premier lien que je cherchais.

Mais Dieu a pu quand même vouloir communiquer quelque chose avec ces chiffres.

Une société qui admet l'avortement n'est pas une société qui se sauve de la pauvreté, c'est une société qui condamne à la pauvreté.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Sévérien de Scythopolis

Monday, 20 February 2017

Schizophrénie - ou psychiatrie?

À Toulouse, selon les nouvelles, une femme de 24 ou 26 a tué sa mère.

Confusion causée par la maladie?

Ou rancune causée par les soins déjà prodigués et encore peut-être menacés?

Je penche vers la seconde hypothèse, très fortement.

La psychiatrie détruit des vies. Chaque possibilité détruite par les soupçons d'une expertise qui en a vue trop, engendre colère ou à la fin haine.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Sts Martyrs de Tyr

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20.II.2017, Russia only:

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  • Russia suddenly stops.

Tentative overall conclusion for Russia : maybe its views follow orders and stop on orders as much as they begin by orders. In Russia, I have a network of readers, rather than single ones./HGL

PS, 20 Feb 2017 c. 14:56 – 20 Feb 2017 c. 16:55 : United States 68 : 4 30 1 1 2 30; Canada 1; France 15 : 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 1; Latvia 1; Indonesia 1; Ukraine 3 : 1 2.

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