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Creationism vs Evolutionism on Quora, IV, still fun

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Is jurassic world satanic propaganda?

You mean the film?

I’d say it is more like stupid and ignorant propaganda, insofar as it portrays the Jurassic biotopes as having existed and gone partly extinct 145 million years ago.

“Satanic” I reserve for more depraved things.

My mother is teaching my younger brother creationism. He's a smart kid, and it hurts to hear him learn something so incorrect. What should I do?

  • 1 Your mother believes creationism is true and has a right to teach it to children staying at home.
  • 2 If she doesn’t forbid it, you can of course offer him evolutionist stuff.

I don’t see any point in fretting over “a smart kid” becoming a creationist. Creationism is not exactly stupid.

Why were feathered dinosaur fossils only found in the last 20 years?

Excuse me, Peter Jefferson*, what exactly is the point of posing ME question on question of this type?

Making me think?

I do that already.

If there is a domain where you think I am NOT thinking, how about taking a debate instead of quizzing me?

* He is the guy who requested I answer on Jurassic World being Satanic propaganda or not! Not the first two.

Did Marmite kill the dinosaurs?

I have a little hunch that the question was posed by a Marmite hater.

As a Marmite liker, I answer : probably not.

I don’t know if dinosaurs react allergically to Marmite, but if they do, Marmite haters might be reptilians. At least we are sure that Marmite, as long as it remains untampered with, will not kill normal men.

How hard is a t.rex skull?

That would depend on whether it was found as bone or in a petrified state.

What was the lifestyle of humans who lived 100,000 years ago?

100,000 years ago is not an extant date.

Also, 100,000 years ago is hardly a dating of skeleta or fossils which is C14 based either, so I don’t know how to tie it in with my creationist C14 recalibration.

I suppose you mean “in the earlier stone age” or of “palaeolithic” even “earlier palaeolithic” - and the answer is we don’t know, beyond fact that men dated as “from then” were found along few and simple tools.

So, we are free to guess according to our general world view on what this means.

If you accept that kind of dates, you will probably also accept that for another 90,000 years men were living as hunter gatherers without attempting agriculture and for another 50,000 years they were lacking in sophistication even for hunters gatherers.

And you will draw your conclusions about their lifestyle based on that. 500 years without agriculture even if lands aren’t taken by more powerful neighbours - fine. But 90,000 years in such a situation - there is sth wrong with you. And you will argue about what lifestyle could have been available to the people there was that sth wrong with.

As I don’t believe these dates, I am free to think the palaeolithic was actually much shorter and a temporary technology lowering. I am free to think the technology of agriculture was temporarily abandoned due to climate and post Flood wetness except for few favoured locations, and that some other technology or resource in connection with building of Tower of Babel was being pursued.

My own view is that Tower of Babel describes a rocket, like those launched at Cape Canaveral. They look like towers and only the top of each “tower” reaches space. But the project was led by a man who was going to try Uranium.

On the other hand, what I identify as “final” building of Tower of Babel as to launching ramp, Göbekli Tepe, was carbon dated to c. 10,000 BC, older stages.

The lifestyle carbon dated to 20,000 BC or 30,000 BC might well be more like the post Flood roaming, before deciding to build a city even in the plains of Mesopotamia (which is what I think Shinar means, and GT is technically Mesopotamia, since East of Euphrates and West of Tigris). But the date 100,000 years ago is simply NOT carbon dated, as far as I know, and therefore it is difficult to insert those finds into any carbon 14 curve.

How do you write a creation myth? What are some tips?

If all you want is a literary exercise, you study those that are there.

If you want people to believe it, that is another question, though the Evolutionist creation myth has proven that Public and Compulsory schooling can be unable to detect a BS Creation Myth if it masquerades as science and at same time be VERY able to foist its positions onto a populace having little learning beside that provided by the school system.

What are some arguments that support the fixity of species?

If you mean complete fixity of species, I don’t think there is one.

If you mean fixed limits on variations of the kinds, I think chromosome numbers going up in mammals would have been one barrier to common descent.

If a person got through MIT (or someplace comparable) with a perfect GPA, but was a 6-day creationist, would he be allowed to graduate?

James Flack
Yes, of course.

There are a few possible courses here.

  • 1 They are working in say, computer science or electrical engineering, where being a 6 day creationist has no relevance.
  • 2 They’re working in a field such as geology where being a young earth creationist does matter, but can say ’assuming in 4000BC, the world was created in such a way it and everything in it looks exactly as if it is actually 4.5 billion years old’ so compartmentalising their religious beliefs so as not to interfere with their science.
  • 3 They are working in geology etc, stick to the YEC position to a degree it does compromise their science, and so fail to get a perfect GPA, therefore removing themselves from consideration for this question.

Myself (HGL)
Why would working in geology and sticking to YEC compromise their science?

The faunal stages seem to not be shown in a column, even if nearly every place you can find rocks in columns, where the strata are associated with faunal stages elsewhere and even if the observation is faulty about sea fauna (and Elasmosaurus comes above a Trilobite, and a YEC has an explanation which does not require them to have lived different amounts of millions of years ago).

The carbon 14 datings can be explained by a raising of the C14 level in the atmosphere. Not a fluctuation, but a radical raising. And one which is finished by 500 BC.

The Ka-Ar method has shown very poor results in Mount St Helens lava.

The longer halflives can have been inaccurately measured as halflives + the methods depend on daughter elements (a case parallel for Ka-Ar).

Distant starlight paradox can be dealt with by assuming Geocentrism, irrelevance of the phenomenon called “annual parallax” and closer stars than currently assumed.

James Flack
Carbon 14 is produced by the action of Cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere- scientists know about fluctuations in this, and allow for them. Nobody has sensibly suggested the order of magnitude shifts you imply. Given we have calibrated C14 levels back to about 8000 BCE, found by measuring C14 levels in Bristlecone pines, and using the tree ring dates to independently date the samples, if such a radical change did occur, (with no known or proposed mechanism for it) then it happened before 8000 BCE.

Potassium Argon ( Ka-Ar) dating is not often used in very young rock samples, and is typically limited to those over 100KA( thousand years). Given Mount St Helens is a young volcano, roughly 40KA old, it’s no surprise that Ka-Ar dating doesn’t work well- it isn’t the right setting for it. I’m not sure what you mean exactly about other radio-dating methods, but they are all vulnerable to false results if not applied properly. A huge amount of effort has gone into finding out the causes of these errors, and figuring out how to minimise them.

If you would care to rephrase the observation about the fossil record so it is easier to understand, I’ll answer it.

A geocentric solar system/galaxy/universe? Really?

Myself (HGL)
“Nobody has sensibly suggested the order of magnitude shifts you imply.”

I have actually suggested it, whether sensibly or not.

Creationists have very clearly suggested it before me.

“Given we have calibrated C14 levels back to about 8000 BCE, found by measuring C14 levels in Bristlecone pines, and using the tree ring dates to independently date the samples, if such a radical change did occur, (with no known or proposed mechanism for it) then it happened before 8000 BCE.”

You are probably overevaluating accuracy of tree ring dating a lot.

“Potassium Argon ( Ka-Ar) dating is not often used in very young rock samples, and is typically limited to those over 100KA( thousand years).”

If Biblical timescale is true, precisely ALL samples are too young for using this method.

“If you would care to rephrase the observation about the fossil record so it is easier to understand, I’ll answer it.”

Vertebrate Jurassic land fauna is not found vertically above Triassic or below Cretaceous, above Permian or below Palaeocene ones.

James Flack
The fossil record is incomplete. For it to be complete, there would have to be perfect conditions for the preservation of fossils all the time for the whole world. The one fundamental assumption of geology is that the same processes operate now as in the past, and looking around the world, and we can see that the conditions for land based fossils to be preserved are much rarer than marine ones.

For a YEC to ‘prove’ a young Earth via gaps in the fossil record, they would need to show there is no long continuous sequence anywhere, land or sea, or that shows the Earth is much older than they claim.

Now, to clear these objections, such as to radio-dating, we are either going to have to reject established and repeatable science, such as the measured half lives of atoms, or accept the world was created in such a way to look old when it was- both of which I laid out in my original answer.

Young Earth Creationism is a faith based position that conflicts with a great deal of science. The ‘A young Earth was created to look old’ position allows a person to maintain their YEC beliefs without ignoring science, and cannot be disproved.

Claiming the Earth is young, and the entire geological record was created in 6000 years has been repeatedly shown to be wrong

Myself (HGL)
"For a YEC to ‘prove’ a young Earth via gaps in the fossil record, they would need to show there is no long continuous sequence anywhere, land or sea,"

First of all, I am not PROVING a young Earth per se, I am REFUTING a supposed proof of an old Earth.

Second, reasonably the condition should be limited to LAND. A YEC can explain why an Elasmosaur is preserved above a Trilobite : during the Flood, the trilobite scavenged on the sea bottom and the Elasmosaur was swimming above that.

THIRD, for land, we are not talking about "gaps". We are in fact, as far as I have as yet been able to ascertain, talking about a complete absence of sequence, even [of] sequences with many gaps. The places I have so far NOT looked into are all petrol related, and therefore the sequence may be subject to issues, since the fossils come up in drill core samples, not get dug out ex situ, and at least one of the petrol related ones, Bonaparte Basin in Australia, is on top of that marine. I suspect the petrol related ones are marine.

"Now, to clear these objections, such as to radio-dating, we are either going to have to reject established and repeatable science, such as the measured half lives of atoms,"

For radiocarbon, the half life is very much not the issue at all. Rising level of C14 is sufficient, along with the demonstrable mathematical workings of a half life, like exponentiality, to account for dating getting very wrong.

For longer half lives, repeatable or not, accurate measuring of half lives is part of the issue, THEN we come to presence of daughter element in samples which are not really daughter element.

Your response is so dishonest as to stagger belief someone actually said that.

"or accept the world was created in such a way to look old"


Sun, Moon and other planets all come in conjunction with each other and all go through the houses of the stars signs of the ecliptic. An astrologer could as easily claim that Christians rejecting astrology "claim God created the heavens looking like horoscopes". The issue in either case is not how God creates, but how you chose to interpret. In BOTH cases there is a fault in the logic of the method.

"Young Earth Creationism is a faith based position"

So is yours - faith in or syncretism with Western Atheism (which is a dechristianised branch of Protestantism).

"that conflicts with a great deal of science."

Or a great deal of pseudosscience. Evolution conflicts with real one. Like known facts about chromosomes.

"The ‘A young Earth was created to look old’ position allows a person to maintain their YEC beliefs without ignoring science, and cannot be disproved."

The part of "created to look old" is certainly NOT my position. The "science" which maintains Earth looks 4.5 billion years old is pseudoscience and should be ditched. If I am not off, the up to recently best method was U-Pb, and that U-Pb depends on no Pb having been present in sample from start. Also, only a very few samples have, as far as I could ascertain, even so been dated to 4.5 billion years.

"Claiming the Earth is young, and the entire geological record was created in 6000 years has been repeatedly shown to be wrong"

Repeatedly is an allegation. It should be backed up by things like "by whom?" and "in what way?"

Oh, btw, I am Catholic, accept the LXX based chronology of Christmas proclamation, so I agree 6000 years is wrong, because 7215 years is right.

James Flack
If you are a catholic, it is probably worth noting that people such as the last pope have officially denied young earth creationism, and have said genesis is not meant to be taken as a literal scientific document…

[Linking to an international Thelogical Commission headed by Ratzinger

If you believe the earth is 7215 years old, then any chronology that shows a sequence of over 7215 years by definition disproves it. If you won’t accept tree rings, have you heard of Varve chronology? Again, it works by counting annual layers,and there are records going back 10s of thousands of years.

Myself (HGL)
If I still thought Ratzinger had a chance of being Pope (I think that the very document you linked to, when he was under Wojtyla, proves he was heretic before supposed election, which I did not know while on and off accepting him), I’d say “the Pope is NOT infallible every time he sneezes”.

I don’t think varve chronology is actually certain to be annual layers either, whether you speake of ice varves or of mud varves.

In fact the experiment of Guy Berthault proves that mud varves can form very quickly by layering during deposition of sediment.

The varves (of the sedimentary type) being annual are further disproven by “polystrate” (more properly poly-varve) fossils.

Another non-support of your 10s of thousands of years.

James Flack
Having quickly googled Guy Berthault, I can say that if you gave his work as a reference in an Earth science course, you would almost certainly be failed for it. His work was outdated when it was done, full of strawmen, and relied on things long known to be false.

If his work was true, it would single-handedly overturn every principal .

I do not intend to reply further, as I don not believe I can reply to such nonsense without violating BNBR. I note you have a number of YEC creationist blogs, but do not claim to have any advanced education in Earth science.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Sorry, but he documented his claims by footages of what happened.

And as to “strawmen”, well, it may be in relation to the formal claims now actually made along the nowadays made disclaimers about geological column, but it is not a strawman in relation to your proposed varve chronology nor in relation to the claims that would have to be implied if using the actual material as normally used to “prove geological column”.

For instance, if a geologist says “a layer containing a pelycosaur is under a layer containing a dinosaur” and refers to layers correctly traced in stone between one part of N Dakota and another, it is not a strawman to reply that the pelycosaur and the dinosaur may well have been alive contemporaneously, since one layer being on top does NOT prove it is later than the layer below it everywhere along the ridge or series of layers.

And if you reply “but we now claim the upper layer is necessarily newer only on one vertical spot” fine, but that was not what Berthault was facing, and is not what you can use in order to prove a pelycosaur from one end of N Dakota is significantly older than a dinosaur from the other end of it.

And it is interesting that you can say you would fail people for giving a reference you only googled. This can be taken in two ways : you only googled it now, and have decided you would fail anyone using Berthault. Bad, a teacher should check, not just google. OR, you googled it now, and your first impression (but in a case when really examining one you would check further) is that you would have to fail someone for using Berthault. That is another matter.

"without violating BNBR."

Don't know what BNBR is.

"I note you have a number of YEC creationist blogs, but do not claim to have any advanced education in Earth science."

Correct, in any issue where I am out of my depth, I either leave it to others or educate myself "on the spot", but I have no university training in any sciences of the natural type. I am a Latinist.

Also, I don’t know exactly what you mean by “a number of YEC blogs”, I have one specifically YEC blog, and I am also touching on subject on other blogs where it can be relevant (on my main blog, on a controversy blog, on a language specific blog - since my YEC blog is in English - or some few own remarks on my back up blog to Palaeocritti, where the original articles were written by Evolution believers in Earth sciences).

What is the Cretaceous tertiary boundary?

A layer of iridium.

Usually NOT having cretaceous land fauna under it and palaeocene land fauna above it in the same spot.

Why do most fossil records have fragments and gaps?

If by “fossil records” you mean the record of fossils in one place, and when it comes to the land vertebrates, it is more like all fossil records I looked at are JUST records of ONE stage. ONE fauna.

If in a place you find Ceratopsians from the Cretaceous, you may find shrimps or prawns from Palaeocene above them, but you are not finding Palaeocene land mammals above it, nor Permian critters below them.

Calling this “having gaps” is a ludicrous understatement.

Some Linguistics on Quora (III, still fun)

1) Some Fun on Quora, I · 2) Some Fun on Quora, II · 3) Some Linguistics on Quora (III, still fun) · 4) Creationism vs Evolutionism on Quora, IV, still fun

What language did they speak in the holy Roman empire?

Latin and German.

Latin both in Ecclesiastic and in Provençal versions. German both in “High Dutch” and “Low Dutch” versions.

I’m supposing you mean Ottonian and not Byzantine or Russian claims of being Holy Roman Empire.

Why are ancient and modern Greek so similar while Latin split into several languages?

I am not sure that modern Greek is really more similar to ancient Greek than Italian or Romanian to Latin.

As to split into several languages, I think Modern Greek, Pontic and Tzakonian are three languages, probably as far apart as Spanish and Portuguese from each other.

That said, lots of Greek words do retain the same spelling (with a very cnhanged, itacistic etc pronunciation). This was done with Latin too up to Alcuin. In Gaul.

Then Alcuin imposed on Liturgic Latin pronunciation a change, nearly as if Greek Church had started using Erasmian pronunciation. Difference, Erasmus had reconstructed by reasoning, Alcuin was heir of the way Latin was pronounced by Italians of four centuries earlier (perhaps some simplifications too), since that is how Latin had been taught as a foreign language among the English.

THEN this new pronunciation of Latin was not understood, sermons were introduced in order to translate one kind of Latin (the liturgical and grammatically correct one) into another kind of Latin (the spoken one). THEN priests started preparing for the sermons, and sound-letter correspondences used in simpler liturgic pronunciation were reused in trying to write how popular Latin of Gaul was pronounced. THEN this gave rise to Provençal and French and THEN the example was followed further south.

Note that Greek has been keeping a middle register between extreme Dhimotiki and totally pure Katharévousa, while this middle register was lost in the process above described.

Could someone tell of the differences/similarities between polysynthetic and agglutinative languages?

I would say all polysynthetic languages are either agglutinative or flexional. And I’d say all flexional languages are at times agglutinative.

So the difference is between a particular type of agglutinative language and other ones.

The “synthetic” of “polysynthetic” refers to precisely same thing as agglutinative, namely putting together morphemes. The “poly” refers to how many you can put together in one word.

One way of seeing it would be that if you can “glue together” (what agglutinative means) or put together (what synthetic means) ten or more morphemes in a single word, your language is polysynthetic.

However, that would make Sanskrit and Turkish polysynthetic, which is not how the word is usually used.

A more useful way is saying that if the verb can include the morpheme for its object nouns (for what is its object noun in translation) you are dealing with polysynthesis.

For instance, in certain Amerindian languages, a noun can simply be inserted into a slot of the verb matrix.

Or in Greenlandic and presumably other Esquimeau-Aleutic languages too, a noun stem can be stem of a derived verb, which adds a verb ending to the noun stem, and that verb ending does not exist as an independent verb.

Example : build a house or build an igloo is a verb which begins with the stem for igloo and adds an ending meaning “make” or “build” to that stem, which ending with the word is then a new word meaning “build an igloo”.

There are also nominalising endings, so there is a noun which means “material for building an igloo” or “snow fit to build an igloo with”, derived from previous verb.

And then there is a verb ending which means “look for”, which can be attached to either igloo or this longer noun which means snow fit to build an igloo with.

So, if you are tired, you can say “I am looking for an igloo” (igloo+looking for+verb endings corresponding to “I am”). But if you are homeless in Greenland, you can say “I am looking for snow to build an igloo with” (igloo+build/make+material+looking for+verb endings corresponding to “I am”).

I’d say Greenlandic is THE great example of polysynthetic grammar, just as Chinese is THE great example of the opposite. If the possibilities of derivation remind very much of Greenlandic, its polysynthetic.

Some Fun on Quora, II

1) Some Fun on Quora, I · 2) Some Fun on Quora, II · 3) Some Linguistics on Quora (III, still fun) · 4) Creationism vs Evolutionism on Quora, IV, still fun

How widespread was celibacy among the Catholic clergy until the 16th century?

If you mean Latin Catholics, i e the ones where Pope is not just Pope but also Patriarch (as opposed to having an Eastern Rite Patriarch between the Pope and the clergy in question), celibacy had been imposed by Pope Saint Gregory VII more or less in all countries except Iceland, whereas the level of real observance contrasting with subterfuges and concubines would have varied from country to country.

J.R.R. Tolkien. He wrote a letter in 1972 in which he suggests that he feared for his life. Why?

You presumably mean in which he expected to be dead soon. I don’t think fear was his emotion.

He was old and sick and a sad widower and he died next year, not very unexpectedly.

If you mean any other letter than those published in the collection Letters, edited by his son, I haven’t read it.

Did rabbis bless meals in the 15th century?

Very probably practising Jews were blessing meals then, since one of the issues between two pre-Christian rabbis had been about what to do about the blessing of meals.

Hillel and Shammai had discussed the case what if one forgets to say the thank blessing after the meal and remembers it when one has left. I think Hillel said one should pray where one was and Shammai one should go back to the table and pray.

So, I suppose Judaism, like Christianity, has the custom of blessing meals from the OT religion, which was still going on in the days of Hillel and Shammai.

How was the early Christian Church influenced by Roman religions and customs before and after Christianity became the state religion of Rome?

I was going to say “by using Latin”, but actually Roman religion used Etruscan and Catholic Church used Greeks as long as Greek speakers were there.

How did the Romans pronounce their numerals? For example, IX is 9. Did they have a word for 9?

I Unus, una, unum (depending on gender of noun).
II Duo, duae, duo (depending on gender of noun).
III Tres, tres, tria (depending on gender of noun).
IV or IIII Quattuor.
V Quinque.
VI Sex.
VII Septem.
VIII Octo.
IX or VIIII Novem.
X Decem.

XI - XX : Undecim, duodecim, tredecim, quattuordecim, quindecim, sedecim, septendecim, duodeviginti, undevigini, viginti.

XXI Viginti unus, viginti una, viginti unum (depending on gender of noun, which is in singular).
XXII Viginti duo, viginti duae, viginti duo (depending on gender of noun, which is in plural).
XXIII Viginti tres, viginti tres, viginti tria (depending on gender of noun, which is in plural).
XXIV or XXIIII Viginti quattuor.
XXVIII Viginti octo (or duo de triginta?).
XXVIIII or XXIX Viginti novem (or undetriginta/unus de triginta?).

For XXI to XXIX, one can also use unus et viginti to novem et viginti (as in German, and singular for unus, and changes for gender as usual).

XXX Triginta.
XXXX or XL Quadraginta.
L Quinquaginta.
LX Sexaginta.
LXX Septuaginta.
LXXX Octoginta.
LXXXX or XC Nonaginta.

C Centum.
CC Ducenti.
CCC Trecenti.
CCCC or CD Quatracenti (?).
D Quingenti.
DC Sescenti.
DCC Septingenti.
DCCC Octocenti.
DCCCC or CM Nongenti.

M Mille.
MM Duo milia.
MMM Tria milia.

Etc, with some more quirks further up.

All of above are adjectives or nouns answering the question “how many”, there are other adjectives or nouns for the question “the how-many-eth”, and also adverbs for “how many times” and adjectives for “how many at a time” (which come in when you say a million, since that is “ten times hundred each thousands”, decies centena milia).

And I left out the parts of the nouns/adjectives where gender is supplmeneted by another factor, case, giving only nominative case (which is sometimes equal to vocative and accusative case too).

How can Zoroastrianism benefit the human race in today's world?

By all Zoroastrians becoming Christians?

What was Pope John Paul II's policy and behaviour towards atheists and non-believers?

Antipope Wojtyla’s policy was one of appeasement, except to agressive secularists. In his attempts to appeasement, he committed acts of syncretism, which rule him out from having been a Catholic and a Pope.

How did the Catholic Church begin?

Christ founded it. See Gospels and Acts.

Are there any horror movies set in dark ages, middle ages or medieval ages?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Compared to realities back then, it comes out as a horror movie!

Was Pope Linus considered to be an apostle like Peter?

No, he was and is considered to be a successor of the Apostles, as successor of St Peter. Unless you use Apostle like Orthodox do and speak of “the seventy apostles”, he might have been one of those, but not one of the twelve, like Peter was.

Can I give good book recommendations to people even if I haven't read the book?

If you know it is good for other reasons, yes.

If you are not sure, but think it is, you recommend it to a friend for reviewing and then go by his judgement, as long as you can’t read it yourself.

What books can help me become a genuinely good person?

Certain parts of the Bible, and certain books on moral and devout theology, I’d recommend “Introduction to the Devout Life” by St Francis of Sales.

Is Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox closest to ancient Rome's version of Christianity?

It comes to an even draw, if you look at it humanly.

Which are best books to learn about Sweden?

If you know Swedish, there are LOTS of books about Sweden in Swedish by Swedes and these are probably among the best.

What is the name of the fiction book about a man who, pre-Reformation, gets an indulgence from the Catholic Church for a future crime?

I don’t know the name of that fiction book, but it certainly sounds like fiction, if he gets an indulgence for a future crime.

Are there any identical silmilarity between gautama Buddha and other named prophet in Bible?

Do you consider this prophet to be named:

Deuteronomy 13:[1] If there rise in the midst of thee a prophet or one that saith he hath dreamed a dream, and he foretell a sign and a wonder, [2] And that come to pass which he spoke, and he say to thee: Let us go and follow strange gods, which thou knowest not, and let us serve them: [3] Thou shalt not hear the words of that prophet or dreamer: for the Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or not.

[Of course, since Siddharta did not fulfil criterium "in the midst of thee", perhaps "identical similarity" is not correct.]

Is there any literary or physical evidence to prove that other Ancient Civilization's creation stories ideas were borrowed from the Book of Genesis?

From the BOOK OF Genesis?


Creation stories?


From events described in Genesis and stories about EITHER Flood OR a Flood reminiscent creation, yes.

Is the educational system unfair? What can you say to defend the current educational system? How would you change it?

It is unfair against parental liberties of education (most but not all jurisdictions) and against wellbeing of pupils held in schools where they suffer emotionally and socially.


What Aztec or Mayan social, technological or scientific achievements were superior to the rest of the world in the 16th century?

Yes, what?

Oh, I forgot about Tomatoes, Vanilla and Chocolate!

What is the role of Ancient Greece and Rome (the Age of Antiquity), and the Middle Ages in the development of Western Civilization?

Oh, “ages” have their “roles” in the “development” of a present “civilisation”?

I would actually give another divide.

Up to Christ, the role was mainly fighting off worse enemies against the Faith (except Antiochus Epiphanes was once THE worst), like fighting off Hannibal. After Christ, it was converting to and integrating Christianity.

Why is it called Roman Catholic?

Because the Pope is the Pope OF the diocese of Rome as well as of the world and usually, but not always (and in the view of Pope Michael, for instance not now) resides IN Rome.

Which was the second democratic country in History?

Note that Athens and Sparta differed mainly not about Sparta being royal, but about Sparta being an aristocracy.

Now, when it comes to pure democracies, there weren’t all that many.

But when it comes to mixing the two, Rome did.

Were Byzantine civilization, military, and technology superior to that of Medieval Europe?

It certainly had a superior amount of paper work in the administration.

It probably had better medicine than the West in the earlier part of the Middle Ages, but in the later part, the West probably caught up.

As for military, well, the West DID beat Constantinople in the IV Crusade and even in the I Crusade. The West ALSO fought off the Turk, which Constantinople hadn’t. On the other hand, when the West fought off the Turk, the Middle Ages (in the usual sense) were already over.

How were people with disabilities such as Down Syndrome treated before the 20th century?

Much like now : like they were children, even when having grown up.

According to Catholic beliefs, how should you trust in God?

According to the FACT that He is all powerful and all wise, and FOR the kind of things one should pray for according to the petitions in the Father Our.

How do you know that the 5 points of Calvinism align with the Bible?

How do I know that 4+4=3?

The five points of Calvinism all contradict the Bible on some level!

[I hadn't noted the comment in which questioner asked specifically for responses from Calvinists, which I am not and never ever was, except perhaps 1/2 hour 1 point doubt at a time.]

Why were there changes in the Catholic liturgy of 2011? How did they affect Catholic followers?

Pope Michael started to say Mass, after being ordained and consecrated bishop?

Or were you referring to the Vatican II-Sect?

Why do they called it Sino-Japanese War?

If there was a war between China and Japan, it would normally be called Sino-Japanese war. Which of them are you referring to, or was there only one?

What was Constantine's role at the Council of Nicea?

He convoked it.

AND promised to abide by and enforce its decisions.

Why was Ethiopia supported by the Nazis and Japanese in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War?

When exactly was that?

How can someone believe in God when child abuse occurs regularly?

How can someone believe in God when He allows stupid atheists to make such stupid remarks?

Ever heard of free will, ever heard of how it was affected by the fall of Adam?

Which parts of the Bible were borrowed from other cultures?

First 11 chapters of Genesis was obviously borrowed from a pre-Flood, pre-Babel culture - except the last items of genealogy in Genesis 11.

Was that what the question referred to?

I hope I wasn’t dragged into answering a question involving the stupid Bibel Babel Theorie of Friedrich Delitzsch?

How can I post my book?

In paper version or on internet?

In the first case, depends on where you printed it.

In the second case, pdf and blog posts are both valid formats, which can be forwarded by email.

What do you think of the Norman North High School teacher's racism lecture on "To be white is to be racist"?

  • 1 He should be demoted from teaching position OR
  • 2 His pupils should have no school compulsion OR
  • 3 both of above.

Why is the church against Dan Brown's "Davinci Code"?

Because it is false, false in a way easily accessible if you know some stuff, but false in a way NOT easily accessible if you have only learned badly what was taught in your school (or most of them).

Why do some Catholics in developing countries always impose their religion on others?

If by “imposing their religion” you mean proselytise, it is because it is a divine duty.

Matthew 28.

Some Fun on Quora, I

1) Some Fun on Quora, I · 2) Some Fun on Quora, II · 3) Some Linguistics on Quora (III, still fun) · 4) Creationism vs Evolutionism on Quora, IV, still fun

How do the teachings about the nature of God expressed in Genesis 1 & 2 have no relevance to Catholics in the 21st century?

Oh, they do have most relevance for Catholics any century.

You mean perhaps Neo-Catholics of the Vatican II Sect?

Is it true the Jesus hasn't received even one 'thanks' in his life according to written stuff?

Where do you get that from?

What books should I read to achieve a comprehensive knowledge on World history?

One book?

The Bible.

You asked for the knowledge to be comprehensive, right?

But if you want to know details not mentioned in the Bible, and there are plenty, well, don’t take just ONE book, take several, compare them, get the chinks of the one book filled in by the excess of the other and so on. AND don’t stick to books on “world history”, but go to books on the specific periods/countries that you want to know about.

Are there any good books on early European history from origins up to Medieval times?

Tacitus Germania and his Agricola are two of them!

Plus south of the Barbarians, you have Romans. Tacitus (whom I have partly read), Cassius Dio, Suetonius (both of whom I have not read), for older Roman Livy, for older Greek Herodotus, then you come to Christian historians, like Socrates (not the philosopher, but a namesake) etc. For just limit to Medieval, read saints’ lives. For instance Vita Sancti Severini by Eugippius.

What if Alexios I didn't request help from the Pope?

Does the question mean “what if the historical fact that Alexios Komnenos requested help is a falsehood”?

In that case, I’ll have to disagree.

Or does it mean “imagine how history would have been different if Alexios Komnenos hadn’t”?

Very probably it would have been that.

[I could have added, but didn't, that it would have been even more different, perhaps, if he hadn't given an example of executing heretics by death, with Basil the Physician.]

Why didn't the Pope in Vatican prevent Hitler from committing such great sins -Holocaust and provide shelter for Jews?

Pius XII, whether good or bad Pope doctrinally, whether even as bad a Pope doctrinally as to be a non-Pope, certainly DID provide lots of shelter to the Jews.

A very fine Schindler, just not so great a Pope.

As to first part of question, it has already been answered : Pius XII was not in a position to, as Pope, control Hitler, least of all in his policies.

Hitler was a declared opponent to clerical interference in politics. The question is a parallel to why John XXIII and Paul VI (whom I don’t consider as Popes, at all, but as traitors) didn’t stop Valéry Giscard d’Estaing from legalising abortion in France.

When and why did you convert from Christianity/Islam into Hinduism/Buddhism?

Never at all.

I am still a Christian, despite what seem to be rumours to the contrary!

Do women in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches have to cover their heads in their churches?

It is recommended, and in some traditional parishes practically required.

It is however not an official duty, and even in the traditional parishes, new coming women are excused (not so for very short skirts).

What was the daily life for medieval children?

Depends VERY much on who their parents were.

And what they were going to be later.

If you were ging to become a monk or a priest, but also in some other cases, you went to school, learned letters and Latin, and started continuing an education in liberal arts (I think universities would admit you at 13–15 for a full course of 7 arts).

If you were going to become a knight or any feudal lord above that, your days were spent partly in training for the military part, that especially after puberty, but partly in training for the polite manners required of you once you were going to do representation. Page means you were among other things a waiter and a butler, but you were also trained in music and in poetic metres.

That was also the case for those going to be clergy.

One of the former would as an adult write

Uns ist in alten mæren wunders vîl geseit
Von heleden lobebæren, von grôzer arebeit
Von fröuden, hochgezîten, von weinen unde klagen
Von edeler recken strîten, muget ir nu wunder hören sagen.

One of the latter, skipping religious poetry, was going to write:

Mihi est propositum
in taberna mori
Ut sint vina proxima
Huic potatori* …

And, as said, both started training versification skills early (my own date from age 13, by the way).

If you were going to be a peasant, and if not in school or when not in school, you were helping your dad and mum with things on the farm, lighter tasks, and looking on attentively when they were doing heavier ones.

If you were going to be a butcher or a goldsmith, you were cleaning up a lot in the shop of a butcher or a goldsmith and looking on a lot when they did their stuff, plus doing some minor tasks not requiring having acquired very much skill. At puberty you would then have the right to become a journeyman and start doing what you had learnt.

If you were going to be a grocer or a trader, you were obviously cleaning and tidying the shop a lot, and also learning to calculate sums at least faster than the guys who learnt arithmetic at university.

And if you were a girl, you learned a lot about motherhood, wifehood, sewing, cooking, looking after sick relatives and so on.

* Actually, huic potatori is the last line, and the next line is rather "morientis ori".

Do you know where are the foundations built by God in Earth?

I’d suppose under the continental shelves. Where they are thicker and further down into the magma, so as to keep in place.

The saw description: 9 By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise. (10 For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.")

And added: Actually, the Bible quote is about “the city with foundations”, that means the Church. The foundations in question are Patriarchs and Prophets, Apostles and Gospellers, with Jesus Christ as cornerstone.

What are the most interesting facts about Hinduism?

That depends entirely on who is interested.

In my case, Mahabharata and Ramayana are the most interesting facts.


Because I think they are memories of times written about in Genesis. Somewhat blurred and distorted memories, but still memories with lots of detail right.

I think Krishna was a MAN (not a god!) living before the Flood, and probably related to Ham’s wife, for instance his father or grandfather in law. His name means the same as Kush, and I think it was pronounced Kush in pre-Flood times when all spoke Hebrew. I also think the Biblical Kush, son of Ham, was named after him.

I think Rama was also a MAN (still not a god!) living after the Flood, and who was son of (the Biblical) Kush, among whose sons one has a similar name in the Bible. I even think Hanuman was a man, probably Nimrod, in his earlier and better days, before he went bad. Nimrod was a son of Kush, “Rama” was a son of Kush and Josephus says Nimrod was protecting his brothers in his earlier and better days.

Is the Pope divine?

If you mean “a god”, the answer is no.

Neither was St Luke or St Matthew.

But if God can both speak through and edit the words of a Bible author, He can at least providentially edit from error the words of real Popes on certain defined occasions. Or bishops, when it comes to what all of them agree about (Popes on some occasions and individual bishops not backed up by the rest contemporary and past can speak error).

Is it intentional that the cross Catholics make when praying in front of themselves is usually upside down?

The body below is supposed to mark the rest of the cross downward, the sign of the Cross is supposed to mark the three upper arms.

How did Jews and Christians live in pre-Islamic Arabia?

At war.

One tribe of Jews who were massacred by Mohammed had one century earlier themselves massacred a tribe of Christians.

What was Pope Leo I's goal in his lifetime?

Defending the truths of the Council of Ephesus.

How many Jews were brought to the Ottoman Empire and what made the then Sultan give them sanctuary after the Jews were banned and had to leave Spain?

How many overall? Don’t know.

How many precisely after 1492? Don’t know that either.

I don’t know exactly how many Jews there were in Castille and Aragon, and I don’t know how many went to Portugal or France or non-Spanish parts of Italy rather than Ottoman Empire.

How did the different Roman social classes view the fall of the republic?

If by “fall” you mean fall of antimonarchist principle of Republic, this was probably most deplored by the uppermost classes who were in a habit of having the power through being senators.

The addition to the constitutions of the Republic by Caesar and Augustus were mainly curbing the power of the senators.

Lower classes might have been disappointed with Augustus coming after Caesar, except that Augustus ended a war, which was worse than the inequalities.

Is Islamic fundamentalism getting more common? How do we stop it?o

In Islam, both Fundamentalism and Antifundamentalism are getting more common.

BOTH should be stopped by converting Muslims to Christians (of a Fundamentalist, more precisely not Protestant but Catholic type).

How would God send messages in the future if Mohammed was His last messenger?

  • 1 Mohammed was NOT His messenger.
  • 2 As to revealing doctrine, the LAST message was up to the burial and taking up of St John the Gospeller, the last of the twelve apostles, several centuries before Mohammed.
  • 3 As to maintaining doctrine, and revealing momentary applications (like France getting independence from England back under St Joan of Arc’s ministry), God has NOT ended the witnesses. At least two more are to come, probably Enoch and Elijah (or Moses and Elijah) coming back.

Did Romans living in the Balkans speak Greek or Latin?

Both, probably mostly Greek in South Balkans and rather certainly Latin in Dalmatia.

How did the Kingdom of Judah fall?

Nabucco came and destroyed it.

What are the 7 sacraments of the Roman Catholic church? And why?

  • 1 Baptism, because of John 3
  • 2 Confirmation, because of Acts 8
  • 3 Holy Eucharist, because of Hebrews, John 6, the psalm Dixit Dominus Domino meo, the Genesis story of Melchisedec, AND because of all the narratives of the institution.
  • 4 Penance, because of John 20, verses 21, 22, 23, where Christ gives the keys of absolution and refusiing absolution to the first priests.
  • 5 Extreme unction, because of James 5:14
  • 6 Priesthood, again Hebrews with Melchisedec, narratives of institution, especially the words “do ye this” where He authorised His first priests and bishops to celebrate the Eucharist, and the words in Acts about cheirotonia or laying on of hands (except Acts 8, which is about confirmation).
  • 7 Marriage because of Mark 10 and other places where Christ instituted the marriage of Christians as NOT subject to any letter of dismissal.

Should Europe try distributism?

Yes, except that for some special issues she already does, and therefore “should try” is not an appropriate description.

In France bakeries are a very great example of distributism.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Posons environs 8 - 9% plus ou moins de Carbone 14 - ça donne combien d'années?

1) [Creation vs. Evolution :] What Some of You are Thinking / Ce que certains de vous sont en train de penser · 2) [New blog on the kid :] Jouons un peu avec 0,84 · 3) Posons environs 8 - 9% plus ou moins de Carbone 14 - ça donne combien d'années?

Regardons ces multiplications successives avec 0,917 (autrement dit : 91,7%).

0 fois 1
1 fois 0,917
2 fois 0,840889
3 fois 0,771095213
4 fois 0,707094310321
5 fois 0,648405482564357
6 fois 0,5945878275115154
7 fois 0,5452370378280596
8 fois 0,4999823636883306

Sensiblement, la quatrième fois s'approche très bien à la racine carrée de la moitié, et la huitième fois diffère assez peu de la moitié. Acceptons donc 91,7% comme une approximation de la huitième racine de la moitié. Et la calculatrice en ligne donne pour ce concept une valeur très peu différent de 91,7%, à savoir: 0,9170040432046712.

Combien d'années y a-t-il, normalement, entre le niveau 100% (celui de l'atmosphère ou à peu près les dernier 2500 ans, Gerald A. Aardsma, Ph.D. qui a une confiance en datation historique égyptienne qui dépasse la mienne dirait même les derniers 5000 ans*) ET le niveau de 91,7%?

Puisque la demi-vie (celle de Cambridge, un peu plus correcte que celle de Libby, croit-on) est de 5730 ans, et correspond à une chute de 100% à 50%, et puisque 91,7% est la huitième racine de 50%, alors, la chute devrait être contemporain à un laps de 5730 ans divisés par huit, soit : 716,25 ou simplement 716 ans.

Ceci est vrai pour la chute entre 100% et 91,7%. Et ceci est une chute de 8,3 unités de %.

Mais pour l'autre bout de l'échelle?

Regardons d'abord le milieu.

0,5 : 0,9170040432046712 = 0,5452538663326288485
0,9170040432046712 * 0,5 = 0,4585020216023356


0,086 ou 8,6 unités de % couvrent alors le double du temps que le font 8,3% en haut de l'échelle. 1432,5 ou 1432 à 1433 ans.

Et plus bas encore?

Entre 25% et 12,5%, c'est à dire la troisième demi-vie, le laps est de plus grand que 8,3 %, mais les 12,5% ne le dépasse qu'avec une bonne moitié. En moyenne les 8,3% vaudraient ici déjà 3820 ans. Et en dessous 12,5%?

12,5% - 8,3 % = 4,2 %.

Les deux demi-vies après un taux de 12,5% seraient 3,125 %. En fait, pour aller de 12,5 % à 4,2 %, on divise d'abord par deux ou multiplie par la moitié (une demi-vie) et ensuite on multiplie avec entre 0,707094310321 et 0,648405482564357.

Donc, une demi-vie + entre la moitié et 5/8 d'une autre.

8595 ans sont une demi-vie et moitié. 9311.25 ans, soit 9311, sont une demi-vie et 5/8 d'une autre. Donc, ici les 8,3 unités de % donnent environ 8953 ans. Dix fois plus que les 716 ans en haut de l'échelle.

Rappelons-nous, ceci vaut également pour les années gratuites que choppe un objet par ayant respiré une atmosphère avec moins de carbone 14 que le notre.

Donc, si le début d'une montée de carbone 14 est assez rapide et la fin (à mon avis vers 2500 ans avant nous, 500 avant Jésus-Christ) assez lente, et le pourcentage au début est assez bas, alors la relation entre dates réelles (bibliques ou qui entrent dans la chronologie biblique à un moment bibliquement pas identifiable) et dates obtenus par carbone 14 peut être très décalé, au début de la montée. D'un côté, davantage de % sont ajoutés par unité de temps, d'un autre, les unités de % valent davantage d'années au bas bout de l'échelle, comme démontré, mathématiquement.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Sainte Ursule**

* "Comparison of ancient, historically dated artifacts (from Egypt, for example) with their radiocarbon dates has revealed that radiocarbon years and calendar years are not the same even for the last 5,000 calendar years. Since no reliable historically dated artifacts exist which are older than 5,000 years, it has not been possible to determine the relationship of radiocarbon years to calendar years for objects which yield dates of tens of thousands of radiocarbon years." - Je dirais que c'est exagéré de croire en des datations historiques en dehors du récit biblique pour des lpas de temps comme 5000 ans, avec une quelconque précision, celle qui est nécessaire pour bien calibrer la datation de carbone 14. ** Apud Coloniam Agrippinam item natalis sanctarum Ursulae et Sociarum ejus; quae, pro Christiana religione et virginitatis constantia ab Hunnis interfectae, martyrio vitam consummarunt, earumque plurima corpora fuerunt Coloniae condita. - Elle est patronne des enseignants. D'où la congrégation des Ursulines, favorisée par la veuve Madame de Maintenon et son mari de second noce, Louis XIV, également veuf.

Top 51 of my Blogs : Over 1000 Page Views

Trois niveaux de maltraitance

En Japon, on pousse les ouvriers à travailler des heures supplémentaires jusqu'à provoquer rien que pour ça des suicides:

Japan overwork deaths among young show lessons unlearned

TOKYO (AP) — Matsuri Takahashi's dream career at Japan's top ad agency, Dentsu, ended with her suicide as her overtime pushed past 100 hours a month. "I'm emotionless and only wish to sleep," she wrote, exhausted and depressed, in a Twitter post in October 2015, six months after starting the job. On Christmas day, the 24-year-old leaped from a dormitory balcony, leaving behind a last email to her mother saying her work and life had become unbearable.

En France en général, on est en train d'augmenter la flexibilité pour davantage d'heures supplémentaires.

En région parisienne, il y a des gens qui ne veulent pas que je dors très bien.

D'abord je suis déjà fatigué à 9 h hier soir. Ensuite, un homme (non beur) m'oblige à me lever pour chercher un autre endroit, même si je dis que je suis très fatigué, et ceci à 10:30 qq, quand j'avais déjà commencé à dormir ou à m'endormir. Ensuite, j'arrive à Nanterre U, mais plus tard il y a deux interruptions de sommeil : une fois deux gardiens (beurs), une fois deux amis qui s’assoient et bavardent - mais qui me quittent./HGL

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Against Web Filters (Link)

Reaching Light : Infographic: UK Filter to Block ‘Esoteric Content’ – Worldwide Implications

Next question is what will be labelled as "esoteric" tomorrow. I believe the Æsir were once living men. As I am a Christian, I don't believe they were gods in any cosmic sense, and I don't worship them or recommend anyone else to do so.

And yet some people will try to label me as an esoteric. Wonder if my blogs in UK have been victims of this filter since 2013?/HGL

PS, as to signing petition directly, that is too late:

Pétition fermée

47 398 soutiens

2 602 nécessaires pour atteindre 50 000

We can Throw That Around Because You Don't Teach It in School

You know this quote?

Excellent point. They can throw around "Thomistic" thought and "subsidiarity" and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they're talking about.

I got it here: Catholic Family News : Clinton Campaign Official Denounces Catholics as "Severely Backwards," Calls for Left-Wing Infiltration of Church
12/10/16 19:24

Thomistic - defined as:
Per accidens
the thought of St Thomas Aquinas.

Clarifying points on this definition:
Back then often opposed to Averroës outside the pale of Catholic orthodoxy and to Scotism on a few minor points inside the pale of Catholic orthodoxy.

Now very many wouldn't know a Thomist from a Scotist, if appearing, since genuinely antimodern, both of them.

Some even imagine they are Thomist because using a terminology common to St Thomas and Averroism, while instead adhering to Averroism.

Per se
the thoughts that (contrasted with modernity, which is a per accidens) most stick out is:

Biblical inerrancy, ecclesiastic infallibility, high powers of papacy, lower powers of state or of masters, even of parents, and Aristotle was so right except a few Averroistic mistakes on everything ranging from Ten Categories and Proof of God in Five Ways (related to but not identic to Kalaam, which is more Scotist or at least Bonaventurish) to clarifying small questions of detail by his principles of being and of biology.

Thomistic - best studied in
The works of St Thomas Aquinas.

If you do know Latin, I recommend Corpus Thomisticum.

If you don't, at least Summa Theologica is readily available in English online.

Related but close - best studied in
If you do know Latin, I recommend the systematic (or systemicalised) syllabus of errors by Bishop Stephen Tempier. I put them online here:

En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones : Index in stephani tempier condempnationes

While Bishop Tempier avoids open conflict with Thomistic theses, he is also not against the Scotist positions. (And it has nothing to do with SCOTUS, but don't ask me what SCOTUS is, I am severely backward, you see!)

Principle of, defined as "whatever can be done by smaller communities of men" (families rather than towns, towns rather than counties, counties rather than states, states rather than union) "should be done by these rather than by the larger ones."

The larger ones are only there to help the smaller ones out. To "subsidise" them, if you liken hence the name. But subsidise here not just or even mainly in the meaning of a dole. More like in general regulations and security of rights.

If Democrats who are so proud of the secular schools they had gone to had learnt this in school, we would not be able to sound sophisticated just by throwing these words around, we would need to show we had mastered the subject too.

Btw, it is against the principle of subsidiarity to force parents to send their children to a specific school endorsed by the state.

And it is against common sense to do so if that school is not even able to equip them for the debate they'll meet!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Luke's Feast

St Thomas Aquinas OP 1225 – 7 March 1274.

John Duns Scotus c. 1266 – 8 November 1308.

Subsidiarity, see also Subsidiarity (Catholicism).

Tentative de corruption?

C'est connu que je suis écrivain.

C'était marqué hier que j'avais sur mes blogs en total 1 million et quelques vues.

Et ceux qui savent ce que j'écris, savent que je suis contre certains idées, et pas pour certains d'autres. Je suis contre la contraception, je ne suis pas pour le communisme. On dirait mieux que je suis contre le communisme, mais on sait très bien au moins que je ne suis pas pour.

On sait aussi très bien, que bien que j'ai écrit d'articles d'indignation par rapport comment certains traitent les mendiants ou les sdf dans un hall d'immeuble (faire sortir à 3 heures du mat reste une atrocité, si je me plains moins, c'est que mon organisme s'habitue mais en va mal!) c'est quand même pas ma thématique principale.

Certains ... disons, esprits marxistes ... pourraient se dire que c'est une lacune, que "ce que je connai s le mieux" c'est quand même ma situation comme sdf (comme si j'avais oublié celle d'étudiant, de prof, d'élève, de stagiaire ... ou de victime de certaines machinations) et ce serait donc ça mon principale raison d'écrire.

Or, ce matin, deux jours ou moins que j'ai mis une pancarte sur une porte d'église, un jour après d'avoir célébré plus d'un million pages-vues, ceci se passe.

À la Défense j'allais prendre une douche. J'arrive en temps pour le petit déjeuner, ayant déjà mangé je me contente avec un bol de café au lait. Puisque je pue, je me mets dehors. En remettant le bol en le lavant, je ressors pour ne pas empester l'air. Et ils ferment le petit déj à 8:30 et ils vont rouvrir à 9:00, c'est après ça qu'il y a une possibilité de douche.

Avant de rentrer, je commence une conversatio n avec deux gens qui se parlent en castillan. Je devine qu'ils soient du Nord d'Espagne à cause du "zezeo".* L'un l'est.

Ils admirent la Suède. Pour le paysage, et pour la situation et gastronomique pour ceux qui mangent, et en gastronomes, quand à ceux qui font à manger aux autres, la situation est très bonne (il me semble, au moins). Pour un pauvre et intello, les choses ne sont pas pareilles.

Je qualifie la Suède de trop marxiste. Ils disent "marxiste comme communiste", ce n'est pas tout à fait ça, mais quand aux manques de libertés pour certains, c'est assez pareil.

Et voici ce qui se passe:

  • 1) L'Espagnol me dit que Cuba n'est pas communiste. On n'a pas l'égalité. Il y a de la corruption. Il y a de la propagande dont le peuple s'en fiche complêtement. Bien, c'est précisément le communisme, ça. C'est précisément la situation il y a 26 ou même 27 ans après la chute du mur de Berlin.

    Ce n'est pas l'idéal communiste, mais c'est l'idéologie communiste à lœuvre. J'essaie de le lui dire, il semble ne pas ma comprendre. Il semble avoir pas mal d'idéalisme et même pas mal d'idéologie communiste lui-même. Il va défendre "Pape François" comme "le plus humble pape en 2000 ans" ce qui est largément exaggéré même si on reste juste sur la question de modestie. Son train de vie m'aurait impressionné davantage si le palais qu'il quittait ou qu'il refusait d'entrer n'avait pas resté à la charge du Vatican, et si en modestifiant sa vie par rapport à avant, il n'avait pas causé un peu de chômage supplémentaire pour le personnel.

    Mais le pire c'est qu'il regarde "pape" comme une entité exerçant "pouvoir", sans se rendre compte qu 'il y a un DEVOIR, celui d'être catholique. Délaissé en avance par Bergoglio, ce qui rend son "élection" nulle.

    Mais pour revenir, pour lui, le problème sur Cuba, ce n'est pas la présence d'idéologie communiste, mais l'absence d'idéalisme communiste réalisé.

  • 2) L'autre, de Mexique, présume que parce que je suis intello, je me connais très bien en administration et je peux traduire un document de refus de séjour en Grande-Bretagne.

    Non, je ne suis pas capable à faire une traduction d'un document qui m'ennuie totalement le matin après trop peu de café en amont, d'un style linguistique sec et sournoisement un peu méchant, sans se laisser repérer dans un détail précis.

    Le truc saillant est, selon le document, le Français n'était pas immédiatement en train d'exercer ses "droits selon la t raité" (Treaty Rights), ce que je prends comme le droit de travailler sur sol britannique. Selon lui-même il était quand même en train de travailler.

    Mais pire encore, il veut que je préconise qu'on donne aux sdf des facilités gratuites avec clef, à venir prendre quand on veut.

    On m'avait dit que les bagageries des gares (qui sont payantes) n'existent plus depuis le plan vigipirate. Le bon cpoté est qu'il me dit que c'est faux. Donc, au moins en théorie, un sdf peut faire la manche, peut gagner 5,50€*, 7,50€* ou 9,50€* selon la taille du casier dont il voudra disposer, et ensuite faire contrôler son bagage avec rayons X avant de le déposer dans le casier. Je ne saivais pas. Notons, en théorie.

    Je ne sais pas si les gardes de sécurité restent amènes aux sdf qui ont suffisemment d'argent pour se permettre un soir en plus de liberté ou si le plan vigipirate est abusé pour courtailler la liberté des sdf.

    Quand à ce qu'il demandait, à condition d'être d'accord avec les horaires, les bagagéries pour sdf existent déjà. Item pour ceux qui restent plusieures nuits à un endroit pour sdf, là où on peut être accueilli pour plusieures nuits, on peut laisser le bagage à l'endroit, tant qu'on remplit les conditions.

    Dont une est un créneau d'horaires qui ne me va pas, car si j'ai la liberté de bagage, j'en profite normalement pour aller à Georges Pompidou, la Bpi, et ils ferment à dix heures, si je reste à la fermeture je risque de venir trop tard.

  • 3) Mais le pire est encore à venir. Après la douche, je me vois un peu étonné de voir tout dans l'obscurité, sinon dans le noir total. Oui, on allait montrer un film ou une diapositive sur les risques avec le sida, et la première question posée fait référence à une situation pécheresse illicite et à une pratique contre nature.

    On préconise un certain truc "contre le sida" et en réalité on en veut contre la fertilité de certaines "clientèles".

    Pour ceux qui ne le savaient pas, j'ai eu marre des choses signées "Abbé Pierre" précisément à cause de l'ubiquité de cette propagande là.

    Ceci est un article provoqué par cette propagande présente à "Emmaüs":

    deretour : Idées reçues d'inspiration malthusienne

    Ça n'aurait pas été faux de me l'épargner à La Maison de l'Amitié à la Défense.

Bon, peut-être ce sont des coïncidences fortuites, peut-être même avec un million de pages vues personne ne fait tellement attention à moi, etc. Attention, si un jour vous ne voyez plus ce blog, ou si l'écrivain est disparu et on dit "peut-être il est retourné en Suède", si le temps passe et les articles ne se mettent plus à jour, ou comme dit le blog disparait complètement, alors, dites-vous qu'il peut quand même y avoir eu quelque occasion (pas forcément celle-ci ce matin) une tentative de corruption et que celle-ci ait pu être suivie d'une tentative de destruction, une fois que la corruption n'était plus envisageable.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St. Luc Évangéliste

* Pour vrai, "seseo" et "zezeo" sont, les deux, noms de fautes : dans les deux cas "casa" et "caza" se prononcent de même. Le seseo est de prononcer "caza" comme "casa". Le zezeo est de prononcer "casa" comme "caza". Mais on parle aussi, parmi les parlants avec seseo, de zezeo pour ceux qui prononcent caza comme caza. C'est dans ce sens là. On devrait plutôt l'appeler "el no seseo".

Monday, 17 October 2016


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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Is John Todd still alive?

The question was asked on the site of Henry Makow.

Is John Todd Still Alive? : June 22, 2016

Now there are things I don't see straight eye to eye with John Todd on, if he is still alive and hasn't changed his story. I'd like him cross examined on his charges against for instance C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

That is one reason why he ought to get out. If still alive, and from psychiatry.

Another is, if he was released from prison after 30 year sentence on rape, either full freedom or back to prison would be more merciful than years on years in psychiatry.

And if the man who tried to make charges meant to get him out was NOT John Todd, well, then he was not the man sentenced to 30 years prison either./HGL

PS, we are talking about THIS John Todd./HGL